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The Banyan is a 132-room 5-star facility hotel designed to power the dynamic, demanding lifestyle of the modern business traveler. It is created for someone who needs a chic, contemporary and connected space to work in, as well as a comfortable and fully-appointed establishment to rest in.

Adjoining Commercial Street, at the heart of Bangalore's shopping district, this majestic shopping destination reflects the pomp and circumstance of the city's colonial past, while catering to the demands of today's power-shoppers.

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In Whitefield, 15 exclusive, lake-facing apartments that combine naturalistic elegance and sophisticated luxury, on offer by invitation only. Within the same structure are the exclusive facilities of a full-service, 132-room 5-Star business hotel. Altogether, a space that exudes infinite comfort and hospitality.

In an exquisitely landscaped setting, tree-lined walkways wind between premium apartments and row houses. From the wide-open floor plans to the extensive recreation areas, each nuance is conceived and crafted to embody the luxury of generous expanses of space.

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Elegant, uncluttered places for the modern business traveler to work and unwind. Chic and full of thoughtful touches that let you make the most out of your time, and to relax and recharge when you're done.

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